It’s a question you hear a lot as a copywriter: “what’s the difference between B2B and B2C copy?”

Truth is, as soon as you ask that question, you’re thinking along the wrong lines.

Every reader – be they a businessperson or a consumer – is an individual with a unique admixture of interests, goals and needs.

That’s why CopyLeft Ltd. researches, plans and writes for your specific reader – and not for Bs and Cs.


Most agencies target marketing managers in order to stay in the running for RFIs.

OLIVER is different. They install and operate full-service, on-site agencies. This requires a significant financial investment, internal structural changes, as well as a great deal of trust.

This means their target buyer is more likely to be a CMO or CEO. I repositioned OLIVER’s content in Spring 2015 to appeal to this hard-to-reach, time-poor audience, achieving a marked increase in measurable lead generation.

White Paper

Based on original research, conducted in collaboration with two third-party businesses. I operated as creative director, project manager & copy editor, leading a designer and copywriter through the project.

White paper promotional campaign

To drive traffic to the report, I wrote these ads for both organic and paid social media. The first one scored over 4% CTR on LinkedIn.

Click the images to read.

Print Ad

This ad was printed in a French magazine, targeted at brand marketers interested in the agency landscape. I wrote the copy and directed a designer on this project.


I wrote this to support the business’s move into the retail space.

Target audience: CEOs at Fortune 500 firms.

Powa Technologies

Optimised Powa.com Homepage

When I joined Powa, it was clear that Google wasn’t able to index Powa.com inline with business goals.

This design was built around my homepage re-write, with copy designed to clearly indicate how Powa products could solve key problems for out target customers.

Blog Content

I’ve written (or ghost-written) almost all the content on the Powa blog since May 2015. All content is optimised to answer questions which our target customers are asking online.

Social Media

I implement both B2C and B2C social strategy on a total of 10 Facebook and Twitter accounts across in EMEA and the Americas. This includes leading a team of social media execs in France, Spain, Italy and the USA.

Some B2B examples…

More Creative

I interned at More in December 2011 – Jan 2012.

My B2b work included this print job for Volkswagen Financial Services…

Print ad for Volkswagen service plan, distributed in dealerships nationwide.

Print ad for Volkswagen service plan, distributed in dealerships nationwide.

…and this web content for SKODA Financial Services.

Click the image below and browse ‘Business Finance,’ ‘Personal Finance’, ‘SKODA Insurance,’ ‘Get a Finance Quote’ and ‘Motability from SKODA’.


Creative Brain Factory

Creative Brain Factory was a new-model advertising agency which needed to persuade prospective clients to take the plunge and try out something new.

I wrote all their content, and managed to save this screenshot before the site went offline.