Powa Technologies

Powa designs and sells technology for retail. I joined in May 2015 as Social Media & Content Exec., with a remit to design, implement and lead both B2B and B2C strategies across EMEA and the US.

B2C Homepage Content

Marketing a consumer-facing product in a B2B business environment isn’t always easy – largely because people aren’t speaking the right language.

So when the decision was made to launch a consumer-facing site, I was instrumental in creating messaging that explained PowaTag, a payments app, in terms that consumers would understand.


Blog Content

Other than a few re-printed press releases and guest posts, I’ve written all the content on the Powa blog since May 2015. All content is optimised to answer questions which our target customers are asking online.

retail tech blog B2B content


Understanding Omnichannel: Behind the Scenes at #PowaLive



As owner of the company’s Glassdoor presence, I filled our profile page with content designed to sell Powa’s working culture and benefits to prospective employees.



Social Media

I implemented both B2C and B2C social strategy on a total of 10 Facebook and Twitter accounts across in EMEA and the Americas. This included leading a team of social media execs in France, Spain, Italy and the USA.


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